Conservative Producer: We’re All To Blame For VA Scandal

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Oscar winning producer Gerald Molen, who co-produced “Schindler’s List,” said Thursday the culprit of the Veterans Administration scandal is much larger than President Obama — it’s about modern American culture.

“Presidents come and go,” Molen said in a statement, “but the political and social cultures that nurture them live on for decades. It is that culture that I believe is responsible for creating a disrespect and unconscionable disregard for our veterans that has led to treatment and the lack of treatment that is almost unfathomable in this the greatest country on earth.”

In the latest development of the scandal, an inspector general report released Wednesday confirmed thousands of veterans waited months for much-needed appointments with specialists, and 1,700 other veterans were kept off wait-lists altogether to meet federal standards at a Phoenix VA office.

“When American troops returned from World War II they were hailed as heroes,” he said. “When they returned from Vietnam they were spat upon, ridiculed, shamed, derided, mocked and taunted. What changed? We did, because we began to listen to a new narrative about America and we believed it. Shame on us.”

Molen produced the 2012 documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” which explored Obama’s roots and how that affected his run for the presidency, and is set to release “America: The Movie” this summer. He said “America” will go beyond Obama to the culture he says birthed Obama and has led to the current VA scandal.

The narrative driving this culture is all about “conquest, plunder and injustice” as opposed to a noble nation that has its faults but always seeks to right its wrongs and stand for truth, he said. Now, the men and women who believe that narrative hold positions of influence in Hollywood, Washington, academia and perhaps the VA. 

“Their actions and inactions speak louder than their words,” Molen said.

“America: The Movie” is set to open July 2.

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