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Deadspin Editor Not Being Bro-ish About All-Bro Work Zone

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Can you even imagine all the farting, burping and blatant scratching that goes on at Deadspin?

Okay, sorry. That was a horrible, insensitive and stereotypical thing to say about Deadspin, an esteemed sports media publication that has no women working there full-time. They’re not anti-vagina. They just can’t find any females who want to work in their all-bro setting.

And get this: This morning Politico‘s New York bureau, CapitalNY, whose president is Jim VandeHooha*, is going after Deadspin for having an all-male staff. This is rich: Championing women’s rights after being called out for their own lacking female problems over the years.

In an interview with CapitalNYDeadspin Editor Tommy Craggs  admirably admits they have a problem. “Yeah, it’s bad,” he told reporter Jeremy Barr. “We deserve to catch shit for it.”

He also insists that they’re not just a bunch of bros being bro-ish.

“The only thing that annoys me about the criticism in general is the underlying assumption that we’re either unaware of the issue or bro-ishly complacent about it,” he said.

The publication caught crap after being highlighted for its no-female prowess in the Tumblir “100 Percent Men.”

To be sure, Deadspin isn’t sitting around thinking up story lines on the #YesAllWomen mission brewing after the California psycho killed women (and a few men) for not sleeping with him. Some things you will read on Deadspin right now: “Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech”  and “Wrestler Steals Beach Cart, Assaults Five People.” You know, bro-ish stories.

But seriously, who wants to think about the shape of Deadspin‘s men’s room? Do they even have a women’s room? Do they have adequate lactation space? (I shot an email to Craggs to ask. He replied, “Ha?” Update: He later wrote back, “Let’s see: We have three unisex restrooms on the floor we share with the other Gawker Media sites. On the floor below, there’s a cozy little library that occasionally doubles as a lactation space. Anything else?”)

Craggs says they are on the lookout for females.

*The Prez of Politico and CapitalNY is Jim VandeHei. Just having fun with his colorful name.