Adam Carolla: Rich People Are ‘Better Than Poor People — They Just Are’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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In the battle between the 99 percent and the 1 percent, Adam Carolla says he stands squarely on the side of rich people because “they’re better than poor people.”

The actor and comedian made the provocative claim to The Daily Caller in an extensive interview about politics, Hollywood and his new book, “President Me: The America That’s in My Head.” TheDC will be featuring segments from the interview over the next couple weeks.

Rich people are “better than poor people. They just are,” Carolla said. “I’ve hung around with plenty of poor people and I’ve hung out with rich people. They work harder, generally. More focused. The folks I grew up with, the poor people I grew up with, fairly lethargic, did a lot of complaining, smoked a little too much, drank a little too much, blamed everybody but themselves a little too much.”

Carolla also expressed how he hates when people suggest that well-off people like him don’t do enough charity.

“I do the ultimate charity,” he argued. “I pay a shitload in taxes.”

Watch the video to see why Carolla thinks paying taxes is the “ultimate charity.”

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