Hillary Hires ‘Dude, This Was Like Two Years Ago’ Aide To Help With Book Roll-Out

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON – As she prepares to answer questions about the Benghazi attacks of 2012, Hillary Clinton has hired former Obama aide Tommy Vietor to help with the roll out of her new book.

Earlier this month, Vietor, a former Obama administration national security spokesman, appeared on Fox News to defend the administration’s response to the attacks and famously said to anchor Bret Baier: “Dude, this was like two years ago.”

Here is the transcript from that exchange:

BAIER: Did you also change ‘attacks’ to ‘demonstrations’ in the talking points?

VIETOR: Maybe. I don’t really remember.

BAIER: You don’t remember?

VIETOR: Dude, this was like two years ago. We’re still talking about the most mundane thing.

BAIER: Dude, it’s what everybody is talking about.

Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices,” is focused on her tenure leading the State Department. It comes out June 10.

On Friday, Politico obtained the chapter of the book many observers are most interested in reading: her defense of her handling of the Benghazi attacks. Four Americans died in the Benghazi attacks of 2012, including Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

The Benghazi chapter will likely enrage critics: Clinton claims that an anti-Islamic video was “indeed a factor” in causing the attacks, despite CIA officials and others saying it was the result of a planned attack and not a spontaneous demonstration.

Politico reported that, “in a sign of the concerted effort to rebut the ongoing controversy in a cohesive way, Clinton’s camp has brought on former National Security Council spokesman and longtime President Barack Obama hand Tommy Vietor to assist in the response to the book, a source familiar with the plan said.”

A Daily Caller reporter spotted Vietor and longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines on Friday morning outside a Washington D.C. coffee shop having a conversation with a television producer.

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