‘KEEP RACING!’ Outraged Lunatic Throws Rock At LAMBORGHINI [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Some angry lunatic taunted the driver of a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador and then threw a rock at it.

In the YouTube video, the $400,000 car slows from a very fast pace for a stop sign, and possibly because a man holding a rock is standing in the middle of the street. “Keep racing!” he yells as he shuffles along with the car. “Keep racing. Keep doing it. Piece of s**t.”

Then, as the driver accelerates, the man throws the rock and the Internet collectively cringes at the sound it makes on contact. The driver stops briefly, then makes the right decision and races away from the scene.

Please excuse the language (although it’s warranted) and less than ideal camera angles.


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