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NEWSFLASH: Montel Williams Insists He’s Not a Bot

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If you’d like an insider’s view on Montel Williams‘ press operation these days, the best insight may be by way of his brilliant flack, Jonathan Franks. Some recent tweets put a spotlight on what his philosophy is when it comes to managing Montel’s image.

As some are aware, The Mirror and Montel have gotten in a bit of a tangle today over a headline run by The Daily Caller this week stating that he “unloaded” on President Obama on Fox News regarding the dire situation concern our nation’s war veterans. Anyone who watched his appearance may have thought Montel had unloaded his rightful anger on an administration that apparently handles veterans issues so well that Obama announced earlier today that he accepted the resignation of Veterans Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki.

Meanwhile, TheBlaze, owned by Montel’s new best friend Glenn Beck, used a headline that apparently, in an alternate universe, has a entirely different meaning than The Daily Caller‘s headline. TheBlaze: “Veteran Montel Williams Delivers Blistering Takedown of Obama Over What he Failed to Do During Big West Point Speech.”

Absolutely nothing political about that headline, right?

Anyhow, the salient points of Montel’s press strategy? Nope, he’s not a computer robot (watch out bosses, you’re going to hear from Montel if any of your employees ever claim this), look to press savvy Alec Baldwin for teachable moments and let Montel be Montel.

We couldn’t agree more on this last one.