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CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘I Am An Ahole’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Everyone knows CNN anchor Chris Cuomo‘s older brother is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The pair came under fire late last year when Chris interviewed Andrew about a Metro North train derailment. Can a newsman really be objective when questioning his own brother? “Of course if it were politics I would not do it,” he told The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove at the time. But what viewers may not know is how he feels he stacks up in comparison.

This morning, the New Day host called himself an a$$#@!&. Probably in self-deprecating jest, but it’s hard to say  whether this is just false humility or a sincerely troubled self-esteem.

TV people can be so tough to read. Sigh.

To set this up, Nevin Robi is a Syracuse, New York-based publisher, app and web developer.


 Update: Please note, Cuomo tells The Mirror in a Twitter conversation that he was not referring to his brother, Andrew. But rather a segment from Oliver’s new HBO program about New Day. In it, he calls Cuomo an “asshole” in reference to a Spelling Bee segment on the CNN morning show.