Ukrainian Rebels Tried To Give Kids Candy, Plan Backfired

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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Ukrainian rebels tried to give kids candy on Sunday, but their plan went horribly wrong.

Families came out to Donetsk’s Lenin Square for a rally held by the rebel government. At the end of the speeches, a white van pulled up and militants jumped out, armed with sweets, according to The Washington Post.

The kids (and adults) were acting like, well, kids in a candy store, as long as “candy store” is equivalent to “candy plundered from a nearby warehouse and thrown into the square for the attendees.”

And then everything went sour. Some crowd members noticed that the confections were made by Roshen. And it just so happens that Roshen is owned by Chocolate King (and Ukrainian president-elect) Petro Poroshenko.

That, obviously, made the crowd angry. And you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry — people were stomping on the candy and screaming at the militants, calling the candy “blood candy” and saying it was poisoned. The fracas ended with one father throwing a bag of candy at the militants’ van as it sped away.