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Mike McCurry asked President Clinton to stop calling so late … Can you imagine telling POTUS to stop calling you? Politico‘s Roger Simon has the funny details in a morning column.

Maybe how NOT to deal with the paparazzi… Another actor, another unfortunate use of the word “faggot.” See here. And then here, he apologizes and says he has gay friends.

This is funny… Watch here.

But if you want to laugh hard… Read here. Do not miss this.

National Journal‘s Ron Fournier is brilliant (as always)… Check out this In the Loop item in the Washington Post. It concerns outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney saying that reporters “want their crack at a moment on TV.” Apparently In The Loop didn’t realize that Fournier had this brilliant thought back in December. “We all know it’s being televised, and we all end up puffing out our chests and acting a bit,” he told WaPoSee here.

Mark Leibovich admires Monica Lewinksy… the NYT Magazine correspondent and This Town author writes about “succeeding in Washington without really trying.” In it, he majorly compliments Lewinksy’s Vanity Fair essay calling it “well-told and compelling.” He also gives her brownie points for fleeing far away and for a good while. Read here.