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Mika Brzezinksi: ‘Joe’s Not Running For President’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Despite all the faux anticipating of MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough running for president, the final word is out: it ain’t happening.

Scarborough’s other half (so to speak) Mika Brzezinksi made the announcement this morning on “Morning Joe” from Washington. Brzezinksi and Scarborough were in Washington to host a book event for Mika’s mother, Emilie Brzezinksi, at Politics & Prose Monday afternoon. Last night they attended a book party for WaPo‘s David Ignatius. Scarborough did not appear on “Morning Joe” today.

Ignatius appeared on the show and made a crack about Scarborough running for president. “When Joe decides he’s really going to run for president, we want to get our bids in,” Ignatius joked, suggesting that Mika will need a new co-host and that he or her father, Zbigniew Brzezinksi (also a guest on today’s show), would make great stand ins. (RELATED: The perplexing mystery of will Joe run for Prez?)

“That’s not gonna happen because Joe’s not running for president,” Mika said defiantly. “It’s not happening.” (RELATED: Joe Scarborough plans trip to New Hampshire)

In the recent past, the co-hosts have played coy about whether Scarborough would make a bid for the White House, with Scarborough making various jaunts to New Hampshire. During an appearance on ABC’s The View, for instance, when Scarborough denied any real possibility of him running, Mika jumped in and told Barbara Walters that people really do want him to run.