Swedish Bachelor Parties Are 1,000 Times More Wild Than American Ones

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A typical American bachelor party is formulaic. It usually involves a ton of guys bro-ing out, lots of drinking and sometimes naked women. If this new video is any proof, however, Americans have nothing on the Swedes.

A video of a Swedish bachelor party show the groom-to-be next to a picturesque lake, dressed in a panda suit. He spins around a stick, then while dizzy, is handed a chicken.

In his dizzy state, he accidentally steps into a fire, and throws the chicken into the air. In attempts to extinguish himself, he falls into the lake.

This may not be a lap dance and shots, but you know alcohol was involved here and at least he didn’t get gonorrhea from a stripper named Desyre.

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Sarah Hofmann