This Year’s Stanley Cup Bet Is The Lamest Ever

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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As with many big tournaments, it’s customary for the governors of the opposing cities, or states, to wager something on the victory of their teams. This has ranged from cases of beer to using social media to admit defeat, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and California Governor Jerry Brown have waged the most boring bet on the Stanley Cup ever.

With their terrible wager, if the Los Angeles Kings win, Gov. Cuomo will send a “taste of New York” gift basket including wing sauce, wine and a hockey puck he had engraved for getting a “budget hat trick” for keeping the state on budget for three years in a row, reports New York Daily News.

Even more terribly, if the Rangers win, Gov. Jerry Brown will send Cuomo an “organic, lightly salted brown rice cake” and a book of California history. Because organic rice cakes and state history go hand in hand with hockey fights.

Hopefully, the mayors of NYC and LA can make some real bets and show their teams they actually care about winning. New York mayor Bill de Blasio has already said, “the Rangers are going to win this, that’s a prediction – you can take that to the bank. Mayor Garcetti and I are working out the elaborate terms of a bet, but it’s a bet he will have to honor and I am going to win.”

The first game of the Stanley Cup is Wednesday night in LA.

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