Absolutely Baffling ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Solution Attempt [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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This “Wheel of Fortune” contestant looks about as confused as the rest of us when he blurts out an absolutely baffling solution to this puzzle:

Wheel of Fortune Answer

Even people not familiar with every hit single from the ’60s could probably see here that the solution is not in fact “Surf City Play We Go,” but something along the lines of “Something, Something starting with a c, Something We Come.”

But not this guy.

“Uh … no,” host Pat Sajack responds. The contestant appropriately hangs his head in shame and confusion.


Unlike previous “Wheel of Fortune” fails, such as the guy who couldn’t pronounce Achilles or the girl who apparently doesn’t know the Johnny Cash song “I Walk the Line,” this one is basically a mystery, making it a “Wheel of Fortune” fail winner.

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