Adam Carolla On Whether Matt Drudge Pushed Jimmy Fallon Into Taking On Democrats

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Did Matt Drudge embarrass Jimmy Fallon into becoming more of an equal opportunity offender politically?

When Fallon took over NBC’s “Tonight Show” from Jay Leno in February, The Drudge Report’s banner headline blazed: “DC Safe Zone On New ‘Tonight Show.'” Drudge also featured a link to a column by the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell, entitled, “Jimmy Fallon, Democrat Political Asset.”

Fallon’s previous 12:35 a.m. show had been criticized in the past for leaning left, particularly when the show’s in-house band The Roots played “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” during an appearance by Republican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.

But since Drudge slammed Fallon in February for allegedly favoring Democrats, the late night host has scorched President Barack Obama on a number of occasions. He has, for instance, mocked Obama’s supposed Obamacare sign-up triumph, dinged the president for appearing weak during the Ukraine crisis and even brought Sarah Palin on the show to ridicule Obama. (SEE: Palin Joins Obama To Mock Obama’s Weakness)

Hillary Clinton, too, has been the target of Fallon’s sharp barbs. (WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Mocks Hillary Clinton For Dressing Like A Man)

So did Drudge’s criticism play a part in catalyzing Fallon’s comic assault on the left? Comedian Adam Carolla says it’s quite possible.

“Yea, you know, I think those guys go and sample their news and potential stories from a multitude of sources and, you know, if they hear a criticism like that, if somebody points it out to them, they may overcompensate and do something of that nature,” Carolla said in an extensive interview with The Daily Caller about politics, Hollywood and his new book, “President Me: The America That’s in My Head.”

“I can’t tell you because I don’t know if Jimmy Fallon is looking at the Drudge Report now and acting accordingly,” he sarcastically added. (SEE: Jimmy Kimmel Shows, Laughs At Drudge Report Headline)

But Carolla is close with Jimmy Kimmel, ABC’s late night show host. From what he knows of Kimmel, do late night show hosts worry about alienating conservatives by going hard on Republicans while going soft on Democrats?

“I think these guys try to go, you know, ‘look, whoever the president is, whether he be Republican or Democrat, we need to make jokes about the president,'” Carolla said. “Except for you probably do find that when it’s a Republican there are a few more jokes than when a Democrat is in office.”

Carolla went on to say that late night show hosts can’t really espouse conservative views because doing so would alienate Hollywood’s liberal glitterati.

“You got to understand, too, Fallon wants Bruce Springsteen to come on his show and sing a medley of songs with him, right?” Carolla said. “So if Fallon took a stance like, ‘turns out Fallon’s anti-gay marriage,’ well if Fallon is anti-gay marriage, then Bruce does not come on Fallon’s show, you understand? And neither does Meryl Streep, and neither does anybody.” (READ: Adam Carolla Explains What It Is Like To Be A Conservative In Hollywood)

“I’m not saying Fallon is anti-gay marriage,” Carolla continued. “But I’m saying if Fallon took a stance against gay marriage or abortion or whatever the agenda is — if he took a stance against any of that, his bookings would dry up. So he has to worry about his bookings, so thus he has to worry about his politics.”

Asked whether Kimmel is the most sympathetic late night show host to conservatives considering Kimmel is friends with both Ben Stein and him, Carolla conceded he very well could be. (READ: Is Jimmy Kimmel Now The Safest Couch for Conservatives On Late Night Television?)

“As far as late night goes, I guess Jimmy might be the most conservative,” Carolla said, laughing, before stipulating that he really doesn’t know the politics of  Fallon or Letterman all that well.

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