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Overheard in the newsroom 

“I don’t pay for my news. That’s how I roll.” — Anonymous.

War on women continues…

“I just heard that Los Angeles Country Club doesn’t allow women to golf until noon.That is the most insulting news I’ve heard! It’s 2014.” — supermodel Kate Upton.

You’re an embarrassment to mankind if…

“If you’ve got the egg avatar, just feel like you’re not even trying.” — TalkingPointsMemo‘s Josh Marshall.

Gingrich wants answers on Bergdahl decision 

“Releasing five high level terrorists potentially threatens every American. We deserve to see what Obama team says compelled them to do it.” — CNN’s Newt Gingrich.

Beautiful backdrop 

“The city behind @JimAcostaCNN on his live shot for @NewDay in Brussels is simply beautiful. Jim is a lucky man!” — CommentaryCNN, who blogs about anything CNN or HLN related.

Good wisdom for Washington 

“When someone says, ‘Great running into you. We should grab lunch sometime.’ The only honest response is, ‘Why?'” — Damien Fahey, writer for Family Guy on FOX.

Real Washington Post headline… “Scientists confirm this book is really covered in the skin of a dead woman”

The Houston Chronicle and Newsbusters Kathleen McKinley linked to the story, commenting, “Ewww…Gross….Sick….Puke...”

This is seriously deep 

“Was on a panel tonight where someone told me off stage ‘I actually don’t exist. I am just a vessel for love and goodness.'” — BuzzFeed PR’s Ashley McCollum.

Ben Dreyfuss shows off his nipples to homeless people? 

“I’m outside and it’s starting to rain and I’m wearing a white shirt and hey hobos ready for a show?” — Mother Jones engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss.

HuffPost reporter catches crap for being critical of White House 

“WH spin doesn’t make sense. If they knew about controversy surrounding Bergdahl leaving base, why have Rice laud him?” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein. Townhall’s Derek Hunter replied, “If only [Sam Stein] knew a journalist who could ask lawmakers & administration officials about this.” And Washington Free Beacon‘s video editor David Rutz: “Sam Stein is GOING OFF MESSAGE. REIN HIM IN.”

Is an interest in media reporting a crime? 

“Can we take everyone who calls all media reporting and criticism ‘navel gazing’ and put them in their own Twittersphere? I mean, it is a deep interest not shared by everyone. Is that a crime?” — CapitalNY‘s co-editor Tom McGeveran.

On air madness on Greta’s show 

“That was a nightmare…we had audio hell during OTR…live TV is never dull.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren.

Journo mock worries about his brand 

“Reading other people’s twitter bios makes me realize just how little thought I put into my own #brand.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.