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Obama Administration Official Brandon Friedman: Hey, Maybe Bergdahl’s Platoon Was a Bunch of Psychopaths

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I don’t know if this guy has been partying with Maureen Dowd or what, but he thought the following deep thoughts were worth writing down and sharing with the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet HUD’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs:






So let’s balance it out with premature calls of “psychopath.” Occam’s Razor be damned, we’ve got a president to protect from criticism!

As Jim Geraghty notes, it’s a bit odd that Friedman thinks Bergdahl is being smeared, but somehow “psychopath” isn’t a smear.

Time to amend that hoary old talking point, libs: “I support the troops! Um… except the ones who are probably psychopaths because they’re making Obama look bad.” Sounds like a winner to me.

(Hat tip: Charlie Spiering)

Update: Whoops.


Update: Forget the facts, teabaggers. Bergdahl is just “a proxy for the hatred toward the president,” say unnamed White House aides. Nothing exists outside the wants and needs of Obama. Obama is all.

Update: If this was the start of a backup plan to close Gitmo — there’s no point in a prison after you’ve released all the prisoners — King Barry the First messed up again.