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Something to think about: “When you start drinking coffee at 4am, do you need to stop by 9am?” — Los Angeles TimesMaeve Reston.

Workplace perks at the NYT

“Where I work, you can travel to Colorado to get super high and then write about it. How great is that?” — David Joachim, breaking news writer and assistant editor in Washington bureau of the NYT.   

Don’t even try to one-up him 

“My uncle was a paratrooper who jumped in behind enemy lines right before D-Day. He sent home a Nazi flag he had ripped down. Then was a POW.” — RedState‘s Erick Erickson.

Obama and Putin have unspoken no touching rules 

“At D-Day event Obama & Putin were at times close enough to touch but did not speak with or acknowledge each other in the pool’s presence.” — The Atlantic and National Journal‘s Steve Clemons.

With Jill Abramson out, someone needs to practice gender balance 

“Anyone work with or follow women who cover/analyze the jobs numbers on Twitter? We feature tweets on site, would love better gender balance.” — Daniel Victor, social media staff editor, NYT.


A cool humble-brag 

“Tonight, I vaped an e cig at an indoor venture capitalist party where Michael Bloomberg was hanging.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.

A bolo tie worn seriously in Washington? 


IT’S THE HEMP CZAR: “Looking awesome, spotted tonight at the Italian Ambassador’s residence, Hemp czar.” — Carol Ross Joynt, Washingtonian. Ben Droz is a policy consultant for Vote Hemp.

Blocked by… longtime talk show host, military veteran, and aspiring cable TV regular Montel Williams. Read here  and here and here to find out why.

Washington journo afraid to make coffee

“Disaster! I’m the first one in the NYT bureau and thus have to make the first pot of coffee! Brewing now/jobs day uncaffeinated!” — Neil Irwin, NYT senior economic correspondent.