Barack Obama Is Somebody’s Child

Stephen Kruiser Stand-Up Comic
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He’s America’s.

This great experiment in freedom is now in its sixth year of being governed almost singlehandedly by a petulant man-child who seems to be mired in a permanent, grinning state of adolescence. The cornucopia of scandals that now show up hourly are the direct result of having turned the country over to a high school clique.

I have long maintained that progressivism is the toddler mindset manifested as a political philosophy. The progressive sees something he wants and decides he should have it just because. If he doesn’t get it, he screams about fairness until someone in authority gives in just to shut him up.

Imagine that kid a few years older with the keys to the economy, and suddenly we are mandated by law to use health insurance dollars to pay for birth control.

America had a chance to exercise some tough love with this out of control teen in 2012 and take away his keys, permanently grounding him in private life. Instead, he was given a new car with a four year lease.

He’s been reckless-driving off every cliff he can find since then.

Like any leader of a high school cool kid clique, President Obama is always surprised when there are consequences to something irresponsible he and his buddies have done. Because we gave him the new car in 2012, he assumes he will eventually talk his way out of it. Like all spoiled adolescents, he’ll be more offended that you’re upset with him than he will be sorry. Then he’ll smirk his way through making excuses, and never, ever apologize.

This is somebody’s child.

The voters are the extended family who constantly dismiss this president’s major mistakes as unintentional peccadilloes, or fellow classmates willing to forgive everything he does lest they get a sharp glance from him in the hallway between second and third periods.

The media plays the ever-indulgent parent’s role here, knowing deep down that they have a problem child on their hands but, blinded by unconditional love, they always end up making excuses for him.

I have been asked countless times in recent years about whether the scandal du jour would be the one that made America lose confidence in the president. This usually happened when even the fawning sycophants in the mainstream media began to ask serious questions. Understandably, much of the “we never thought he was cool” crowd gets excited every time the press looks like it might respect its First Amendment duties a little more and get even remotely curious about this administration. Sadly, I always have to play the buzzkill role and remind them that the MSM will always eventually fall in line. Heck, even when they’re admitting something is amiss they default to running interference.

The more devoted among the media will go to the most ridiculous lengths to deflect criticism from the troubled teen.

Remember, this is somebody’s child.

As we have seen in recent weeks, this administration is so used to getting free passes that they can use new scandals to divert attention from the one plaguing them at the moment.

Within the family, the hope is probably that this is the last scandal and they can’t get back to admiring all of the favorite son’s participation trophies and he can fulfill his promise. Those of us watching the from the sidelines have no reasonable expectation that it will get better until he is out of office.

In fact, the adults in the room know that it’s likely to get much, much worse because of what’s happened thus far.

Maybe it already has.

Yes, the troubled adolescent is grown up enough to take responsibility for his actions. However, as he has never been made to do so, he has no idea how to do so. Barack Obama is so used to blaming others that he still mutters, “the previous administration” in his sleep every night.

The largest portion of the blame needs to be placed on the enablers. The utterly incurious media that see nothing but the cool kid president, hypnotized by whatever empty phrase he comes up with to mollify them during a press conference, are the real culprits here. They need to be removed from the equation to ensure that the Republic doesn’t get passed on to another spoiled teen.

Let us always remember that it is their blind, unconditional love that has led them to abandon all responsibility and, in turn, not expect this president to be responsible for anything. Work on dismantling the apparatus that abets this permanent adolescence.

This is somebody’s child, after all.