Kentucky Education Bureaucrats Fail To Spell KENTUCKY Correctly

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The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority recently shipped books to every student in the Class of 2015 about how to get into and pay for college with the word “Kentucky” spelled wrong on the spines, Louisville Fox affiliate WDRB reports.

Instead of the correct spelling, the comically unserious font on the spine of every single book reads “Kentucy.”

State education official Erin Klarer told WDRB that parents, school administrators and other state-level employees have complained about the embarrassing error. However, replacing the books would cost approximately $70,000 — too much.

Consequently, Klarer said, bureaucrats have chosen to “deal with the egg on our face.”

In an introductory letter to the free book, entitled simply “Getting In,” Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear himself touts it as “the state’s premier college planning and financial aid publication for high school students.”

A similar incident occurred in February 2013 when the campus bookstore at Missouri State University bought and distributed about 9,000 book bags that failed to spell the taxpayer-funded school’s name correctly. (RELATED: Incompetent Bookstore Misspells ‘University’)

Students received the bags — with the words “Missouri State Univeristy” on them — when they picked up their books. The bookstore’s marketing team was to blame. Thus, the school was out $34,000 on faulty merchandise. The store decided to continue giving the bags away after realizing the error — a decision school officials said they regretted.

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