School Sunscreen Ban Causes 10-Year-Old Girl To Get FRIED On Field Trip

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A San Antonio mother is furious because officials at her 10-year-old daughter’s elementary school banned sunscreen during a recent school field trip.

Guess what happened.

Of course, the poor kid came home crispily sunburned, reports local ABC affiliate KSAT.

To make matters worse, mad mom Christy Riggs said skin cancer runs in her family — and her father who had it passed away recently.

At issue is a district policy which prohibits kids from bringing sunscreen anywhere on school grounds. Riggs strongly disagrees with it.

“When you have a school field trip or a field day [in] which they’re out there for an extended period of time, they should be allowed to carry sunscreen and reapply,” she told KSAT.

“When you have several hundred children on field day being burnt, then we have to ask ourselves, ‘Do you want them to be safe or not?'”

North East Independent School District spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor defended the policy because, she said, the district considers sunscreen a medication.

“Typically, sunscreen is a toxic substance,” Chancellor told the Fox affiliate, “and we can’t allow toxic things in to be in our schools.”

The district spokeswoman argued that allowing kids to handle sunscreen is a very risky thing to do.

“They could possibly have an allergic reaction [or] they could ingest it. It’s really a dangerous situation,” Chancellor said.

“We have to look at the safety of all of our students and we can’t allow children to share sunscreen,” she added.

Chancellor suggested that concerned parents should lather their kids up with sunscreen early in the morning before school and hope it doesn’t wear off for the next seven or eight hours.

District officials indicated that they may reconsider the draconian anti-sunscreen policy at some future point despite the grave risks they believe it involves.

The average high temperature in San Antonio during the month of May is a balmy 87 degrees, according to

According to, the sun can be a factor in skin cancer.

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