This Dog Will Make You Cry Like A Little Kid

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Dogs never forgets those that loved them. This is rarely seen as clearly as watching Wiley, a rescue wolf dog, crying over the grave of a worker from Lockwood Animal Rescue.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user sarahvarley13, who explains in the description, “My wolf-dog, Wiley, crying at my grandmother’s graveside at the cemetery.” She also adds, “I can tell you that he has never done that before and hasn’t done it since. I may be anthropomorphosizing his actions but its how I’m choosing to deal with loss, so deal with it.”

The LARC website explains who the grandmother is. Their website reads, “Wiley says goodbye to Gladys, a family member, and a supporter of LARC. She will be forever missed, especially by Wiley.”

Wiley is a therapy dog that specifically works with soldiers suffering from PTSD. He is part of a larger program through LARC called “Warriors and Wolves.”

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