This Is His Third Apology After Using The Slur [VIDEO]

Katie Frates Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough
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Do you know just how sorry Jonah Hill is about his use of a homophobic slur over the weekend?

Well, if you missed the first two apologies, he’s back for more.

Oscar-nominated Hill, known for his roles in “Superbad” and “21 Jump Street”, gave his first apology on Howard Stern’s radio show on Tuesday. The second, more emotional apology, came when he appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”. Hill described his actions as “having weight”, and “disgusting”.

Even though he has received an outpouring of support from basically everyone, Mr. Hill can’t seem to forgive and forget, something everyone else has been more than happy to do. (RELATED: Despite Homophobic Slur, You’re Still Allowed To Like Jonah Hill)

Jonah Hill again addressed the slur on Friday at the “22 Jump Street” press day in New York.

“I feel that giving, keep giving watered-down versions of that apology would make it less heartfelt,” Hill lamented, “I really said what I feel.”

At what point does the apologizing become less heartfelt? Presumably after the third time. He made a mistake and apologized for it. Everyone has moved on, we just wish Jonah would, too.