Why You Should Know Who Letizia Ortiz Is [PHOTOS]

Ellie Barton Contributor
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Earlier this month, King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicated the throne. The first monarch of Spain, after the Franco dictatorship, the King felt that the people of Spain needed a leader who could cater to “a new generation,” according to CNN.

This new leader is his 46 year old son, Felipe.

Felipe’s wife, Letizia Ortiz, is seen in Spain as a relatable and approachable woman, as she is frequently compared to fellow “Middle Class Queen” Kate Middleton. The soon-to-be queen even has her own mortgage on an apartment!

Her past divorce and choice to go under the knife reflects the ever-changing image of a royal. In his official speech, King Juan Carlos emphasized the necessity for change, and she and her husband are sure to usher in a new era in Spanish politics. For years, she has been a fashion icon in Europe, and will soon be seen as an ambassador to Spain and to style.