Drunk Teacher Pulls Knife On Students, Demands Fast-Food

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A drunk Southern California high school teacher pulled a knife on a car full of his students and demanded they drive him to Jack in the Box.

According to NBC4, 34-year-old John Edward Maust was standing on a street corner on Saturday night when three of his students saw him and stopped their car to say hello. Maust asked the trio of 17 year-olds for a ride, but during the short trip the students realized their teacher was belligerently blotto and pulled the car over out of concern.

“They immediately noticed that he was intoxicated, ” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Moore told NBC4. “They didn’t feel safe. They got out of the car and he ordered them back into the car.”

The drunk teacher pulled a knife and brandished it to scare his students back into the vehicle, and that’s when the plastered teacher made his real demands: drive him to Jack in the Box for some greasy food.

One of the terrorized teens was able to stealthy call 911, and within minutes a helicopter was flying over the fast-food bound car. But Maust wasn’t planning on drunkenly tangling with the police, so he jumped from the vehicle and tried to outrun the cops and the chopper. (RELATED: Drunk Male Teacher Arrested Wearing Women’s Lingerie)

The knife-wielding teacher faces charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal threats.