LeBron Takes Movie Break In Between NBA Final Games

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The Heat’s game one loss in the NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs had quite the effect on star forward LeBron James.

James went to see a movie by himself on Saturday night in order to prepare mentally and physically for Sunday’s game. LeBron wanted some alone time in order to reflect.

LeBron, according to The Bleacher Report, went to see the new Disney film Maleficent alone: no bodyguards, teammates, or friends. That’s a bold move for the potential three-peat NBA champion.

James received great media attention after cramping during the last minutes of game one, spurring a frenzy of memes known as “LeBroning.”

Bleacher also reported that James attended a yoga class Sunday morning, with hopes of preparing his legs for the next day’s game.

It seems as if taking time for himself truly did help LeBron focus. The Heat came out on top Sunday night, defeating the Spurs 98-96 in Game two.