Major Factual Error About Benghazi In Hillary’s New Book

Tristyn Bloom Contributor
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Hillary Clinton’s new book Hard Choices got basic information about security measures in Libya before the Benghazi attack totally wrong, CNN reports.

In a chapter defending military readiness at the American diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Clinton wrote that while there were no Marines stationed there, there were Marines at the American embassy in Tripoli, “where nearly all of our diplomats worked and which had the capability to process classified material.” This is untrue, according to Congressional testimony delivered by General Carter Ham, who was Commander of US Africa Command during the attack. His testimony was delivered in June 2013–a year before the book was published.

Marines weren’t sent to the embassy until after the attack, a fact the chapter seems to be trying to obscure.

The Obama administration has repeatedly come under fire for ignoring pleas for increased security measures before the attack, with officials trying to downplay security failures and even trying to block a Congressional investigation–which later found the administration culpable.

The report, released in February 2014, found that “White House officials failed to comprehend or ignored the dramatically deteriorating security situation in Libya and the growing threat to U.S. interests in the region.” (RELATED: Congressional report faults White House Over Benghazi security)

Clinton has called the Benghazi attack her “biggest regret” as Secretary of State.

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