Sex Ed Lesson Reminds EIGHTH-GRADE Boys To Make Love To Menstruating Girlfriends

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Eighth-grade students at a rural middle school east of San Diego got an eyeful of offensive imagery in a sex education-related slideshow last week.

The slides included a man wearing a heavy parka and a Russian-style winter hat with blood covering his face. The caption under the image read, “A real man loves his woman every day of the month,” according to local ABC affiliate KGTV.

The station found the image so odious that it couldn’t bring itself show it on television unedited.

Another image concerning “Top Conception Myths” included a picture of annoying partying dudes captioned “DOUCHE BAG.”

A third image showed a woman in a dance costume standing atop a man on his hands and knees. The caption for the image said: “Girl on top can STILL get pregnant.”

The sex-ed lesson occurred at Pine Valley Middle School in southeastern San Diego County.

Some local parents are furious.

“This is unacceptable material,” a parent of a middle schooler who wants to remain anonymous told the ABC station.

“That’s something you can’t unsee,” the outraged parent added. “This is definitely more than R-rated. This is X-rated.”

Local school district superintendent Kathy Granger refused to go in front of KGTV’s cameras. In a statement, she insisted that the slides were “factually and medically accurate.”

The superintendent noted that the school is obligated under state law to provide comprehensive instruction in sex education. She did vaguely concede, however, that the slideshow will be “modified” by the time it is shown again.

The source of the slides is Mountain Empire Family Medicine, a local health clinic that primarily treats poor residents in the area.

“We understand and appreciate that some members of our community have voiced concern about a sex education presentation delivered by Mountain Health to Pine Valley Middle School,” said the clinic’s CEO, Judi Shaplin, in a statement obtained by KGTV. “We are reviewing the content of the presentation with a special attention to the specific images that have concerned some parents.”

In a statement, Granger indicated that the district “will continue to review materials and collaborate with Mountain Health to ensure that the instruction that is delivered is age appropriate with an emphasis on abstinence as the best way to prevent pregnancy and HIV/Aids infection.”

According to parents, a Thursday sex ed lesson was cancelled at the taxpayer-funded middle school. It’s not clear what exciting content any slides would have contained that day.

Kids in middle school throughout the San Diego area definitely seem to be getting some raunchy lessons about sex this year.

Last week, at Woodland Park Middle School in the San Diego, Calif. suburb of San Marcos, parents complained because a teacher in their 14-year-old daughter’s health class instructed her and all of her classmates to stand under one of several signs labeled with a different phrase based on their sexual readiness. Options included “above the waist,” “below the waist” and “all the way.” (RELATED: ‘Dating Lesson’ Asks Eighth-Grade Girls To Publicly Declare How Far They Will Go Sexually)

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