Tampa Bay Rays Turn To Seminole Medicine Man For Help

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon invited Seminole tribal elder Bobby Henry to visit Tropicana field in hopes he might be able to change the juju of the team. The team’s dismal record of 24-40 this season makes them the worst out of all MLB teams.

Henry, 77, is known for his ability to make it rain. Maddon hoped that Henry’s “supernatural powers” might bring success, although acknowledged that it would be difficult for the medicine man to make it rain in the enclosed stadium. He said, “If it rains in the Trop I’ll be really impressed. That will be his best moment ever.”

Despite the joke, after Henry entered the stadium, there was a large downpour outside, reports ESPN.


Henry has declared that the Rays are ready to win now that he’s visited the stadium. Only time will tell if the medicine man’s powers worked for the failing team.

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