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Thank You For Sharing: Reader Apologizes For Calling Me ‘Betsy Wetsy’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A reader named D. Hansen wrote in with extreme annoyance over my story about RedState‘s Erick Erickson filling in for conservative radio’s Rush Limbaugh. A listener wrote Erickson with constructive criticism about Erickson’s southern accent — saying he wouldn’t listen to him unless he improved his pronunciation. In other words, “tender” instead of “tinder” and so forth. Erickson found the letter highly amusing. Hansen, meanwhile, didn’t find my writeup of the situation amusing AT ALL. He was particularly incensed that I referred to the critique Limbaugh often gets, which is that he’s a “fat ass drug addict.”

Here’s our exchange.

Long story short, I think we’re going to be fast friends. (Seriously.)

Subject line: No Class Trash


Betsy Wetsy,

Your hit piece about Limbaugh and Erickson was rude, crude, trashy and disgusting including the pics. What a Daily disappointment.

Not sure where you came from but the says a lot about you and the Daily Caller. I’ll remind myself to not read anything more with your byline.

Ditto Head


Thanks for rhyming my name. What was possibly offensive about what I wrote? It was not even remotely a “hit piece.” That’s so incredibly stupid of you. Even Erickson thought it was funny. What is wrong with you? I wonder how you do with Goldilocks. You probably find that offensive, too.



Ms Rothstein,

My apologies for name calling…by [sic] bad.

But you mean to say you have not figured it out? (hint: MF’g billboard…fat axx…etc).

I did go back and reread…I’ll give you a waiver on Erickson…maybe your editor stuck in the nasty billboard pic…so a hex on whoever did that. I like Goldilocks. Since you are familiar with that story, maybe take a lesson from it and avoid putting crap in the porridge. Try sugar and butter.

What’s so offensive about my comments? They are just descriptions of your article…not even remotely “offensive”. I won’t call your article “incredibly stupid”, just a bit trashy-mouthy for me. No worries…but if I do see trash on my journey to a non-trashy article…I’ll call it out. Feedback is the breakfast of champions…Right?

There are so many other ways to get attention and credibility other than stooping to the language of punk rappers AND DISSING MANY READERS who don’t like you talking to our kids and grand kids like that. They get enough of that from school and pop culture. I figure the grand parents on the DC staff / editorial board would agree with me.

Take Care.

Sorry for my name calling. That is not a good example by me for my grand kids. But the trash words really are disgusting and I like Rush Limbaugh a lot.

I won’t give up on you just yet. In fact, I’ll go back and read your other stuff as a test. 🙂


Yeah, I’m so hurt over your name-calling. No, haha, not really. Here’s the thing: The picture is FUNNY. My blog has an NC-17 rating and your grandchildren probably shouldn’t be reading it depending on their ages.I do not know how to speak like a punk rapper. Calling Rush a fat ass…is not rap language…it’s just kind of fair and accurate. No offense.

Your new friend, Betsy