Before Family Moves In, Party Animals Destroy Newly Purchased Home

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A freshly purchased St. Louis-area house was trashed by party animals before a family was even able to move in.

According to a CBS6 report, the Kaiser family had just purchased the new home and were preparing to move in, but when they opened the door they were greeted with a wrecked house stinking of booze and urine.

“They urinated in cabinets,” Curtis Kaiser told CBS6. “There’s cigarette burns all over all the floors, the carpets, the laminates, I mean there was alcohol spilled everywhere, there was vomit all over the place, and they broke the handrails up the stairs.”

According to the report, the drunk partiers threw concrete bricks into the backyard pool and even caved-in the flat portion of the house’s roof by using it as a terrace. The damages have already tallied $30,000 due to all windows needing to be replaced, floors needing to be ripped out and walls needing fresh paint jobs. Kaiser plans on doing most of the work to keep the cost down.

But one of the most shocking events took place after the party had done its damage, when one of the partiers returned to the home.

“Some girl showed up in our driveway wanting to get her beer pong table back from the party,” Kaiser said. “It really ticks me off. We’ve drained our savings; we’ve put a bunch of stuff on our credit cards, just to try to get the house livable.”

According to the report, if the Kaisers want to get restitution for the damage, they’d have to go through the civil courts.