Biden Claims ‘China Isn’t Eating Our Lunch’

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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“China isn’t eating our lunch,” Vice President Joe Biden reassured the crowd at the 2014 Manufacturing Summit in DC, even though China’s real GDP growth is surpassing that of the U.S.

According to Biden, the United States enjoys an economic edge due to its bountiful natural resources. He explained to the members of the National Association of Manufactures that China not only lacks energy, but the economic giant also lacks water.

The vice president voiced his confidence that the American people will take advantage of their country’s natural resources and rejuvenate American manufacturing. After praising Americans’ aversion to orthodoxy, he enthusiastically told his listeners, “There is innovation in your DNA.”

Despite his apparent optimism that the American dream persists, Biden could not ignore the concerns of his audience. Members of the National Association of Manufacturers are planning to storm Capitol Hill today to promote an increased role for manufacturing in the American economy.

The NAM aims to encourage lawmakers to support pro-growth policies. Matthew Lavoie, a spokesman for the NAM, expressed his hope that the U.S. government will not hinder manufacturing from serving as the “bedrock of America.”

Biden thus attempted to avoid political debate and advocated bipartisan collaboration on three goals for American manufacturing: investment in infrastructure, development of a skilled manufacturing workforce and immigration reform.

Regarding immigration, the vice president again emphasized the idea of American exceptionalism. He described the United States’ history of welcoming immigrants, no matter their educational background, as crucial to the development of a robust American economy. He suggested that “courageous” immigrants are eager to innovate.

Biden concluded his speech with triumphant remarks that it is “never a good bet to bet against the American people … or American business.”

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