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Short suits — NOOOO! 

“Men wearing suits with shorts? Hell no.” — lefty radio host Bill Press.

“My problem with the short suit isn’t so much with the suit as it is with the people who might don it.” — D.C. fashion icon Jonathan Capehart, an MSNBC contributor and opinion writer for WaPo.

Overheard in the Newsroom

“[Heavy sigh.] Geek squad sucks so fucking much.” — Anonymous.

Twitter goes mental

“Why has DM gone insane/deleted messages/refused to send?” — Marketplace‘s Lizzie O’Leary.

“It’s phantom notifications on the Twitter app that’ve been driving me insane for the last week.” — Hayes Brown, ThinkProgress.

Washington turns into a sauna 

“There’s nothing like stepping into a steaming hot bowl of soup in the morning.#SUMMERINDCHASOFFICIALLYBEGUN” — Pamela Sorensen, who runs Pamela’s Punch.

“Not sure why we are talking about humidity already, it’s beautiful out.” — Politico‘s Katie Glueck.

Just in case you think you’re having a bad day 

“A man blew off his finger with a shotgun shell because he was trying to scare his mother during a fight.” — NBCWashington.

Mika Brzezinski loses patience with Hillary Clinton 

“On set in NYC doing Morning Joe, where Mika has no patience for Hillary Clinton’s ‘dead broke’ comment in the ABC ivu.” — WaPo‘s Gene Robinson.

The Playbook Critic 

“Mike Allen Playbook will pay attention 2 immigration when a) hell freezes b) Jose Andres needs more waiters c)Lindsey Graham has a birthday.” — The Daily Caller‘s Mickey Kaus.

The Morning Joe Critic 

“Such a brave NYT journalist to go on @msnbc and speak glowingly about Hillary >>> @jwpetersNYT #ProfileInCourage.”  — FNC media critic Richard Grenell, a general thorn in the side of some Washington reporters.

Hillary and Bill: Show them the $$$$$$$$ 

“Hillary and Bill Clinton have a right to make all the money they want. The ‘Houses’ comment was clumsy but no big deal in the end.” — MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on everyone being a little gay 

“Chris Matthews just said ‘maybe a certain percentage of everybody’ is gay. He estimated somewhere around 5%” — D.C. journo Eddie Scarry.

Author self-blurbs

“‘A thick, juicy read, Weiner virtually explodes onto the page and leaves readers begging for more.’ How’m I doing? #selfblurb.” — author Jennifer Weiner.

Travel Bitches 

“Always fun when your plane gets stuck in an air pocket and falls for a few seconds. But hello DC, I guess.” — HuffPost‘s Sabrina Siddiqui.

“Second unpleasant experience in a row with Southwest. I need a personal jet pack.” — TheBlaze‘ Dana Loesch. Minutes later… “Can’t switch flights from Southwest at this airport unless you exit terminal, purchase a ticket, and stand in security for an hour again.”

“Nice that Amtrak wants faster Wi-Fi. Next, maybe a better roadbed so that the TRAINS can go faster.” — Jeff Greenfield, TV analyst, author.

Lawmaker shops at H & M

“Luis Gutierrez wearing a snazzy bow tie during votes today. He tells me he got it at H&M.” — Politico‘s Seung Min Kim.

imagesCab Diaries 

“Pleasedontmakesmalltalkwithmecabdriverpleasenotnowplease” — The Hill‘s Alexandra Jaffe.


“Exchanging email w/friend in south China. She’s annoyed w/ int’l press coverage of Tiananmen Sq massacre because it slows down her internet.” — The Daily Beast‘s senior political correspondent Tim Mak.