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Twitter Narcissus: Montel Williams Says The ‘Damn White House’ Should Return His Calls

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Montel Williams’s heart is probably in the right place. But his fingers might not be.

Over the past few weeks, he’s turned into something of a social media monster egomaniac with an exquisitely thin skin. Kind of like Donald Trump on a Wednesday. (Sorry, Donald, you’re entertaining and impossible to ignore, but still.)

Williams, a longtime talk show host and war veteran, hilariously describes himself as having the “longest running talk show in the history of television.” On a better note, in the vast wilderness of his social media self-obsession, he has been pushing for veterans health benefits for the past few weeks. An absolutely wonderful cause, except for the fact that he has become a tweeting madman.

And the fact that his relationship with the media is one of begging and demanding — he begs and demands to go on all the shows. He also insists that his followers beg and demand on his behalf. And well the whole thing is, at times, just a little painful to watch.

His strategy has worked to an extent — he’s appeared on everything from Fox News to CNN.

But he’s going too far when he demands to hear from the White House, congressional leaders and well, when he declares that HE should have invented Twitter. Right, not those guys in Silicon Valley, but MONTEL WILLIAMS should’ve created Twitter. Quick, but important, question: WTF?


Then he demands that the White House and Congress stop whatever meaningless business they’re working on and meet with him.





In perhaps his worst moment, he gets embarrassingly jealous of the recently baptized Justin Bieber.


We know you love Twitter, Montel. You breathe and die by the tweet at a moment. But creating Twitter?

Please, just stop already.

Update: Montel’s intrepid flack, Jonathan Franks, says what Montel was referring to was building his own Twitter account, not ALL of Twitter. “He obviously means HIS Twitter account,” he snapped, “not the platform itself.” Considering the possible confusion, I’ve changed the headline. It was previously, “Twitter Narcissus: Montel Williams Says HE Should’ve Created Twitter.”