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Tweetdeck gets hacked… It’s strangely often the word “penis” that surfaces when entities get hacked. If you recall, back in 2012, C-SPAN viewers phoned in to ask about Mitt Romney‘s penis. See here.

The media really had no idea Erik Cantor’s loss was coming… Who has egg on his or her face? Politico has a video. Find out here.

Ezzy gets all jazzy… In one minute and 39 seconds, Vox Media‘s Ezra Klein, in a suit and tie, peforms a one-man show of why House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor lost. To the sounds of jazz, he concludes, “If there is one lesson that is completely clear, no matter how big you get in American politics, you can’t forget how to run a campaign.” Watch here.

Barbra Streisand spotted on Capitol Hill to discuss female heart disease…. The Hill has the scoop.

The New Republic dotes on “Hard Choices”… The writer, Rebecca Traister, calls the book “not terrible” and proceeds to explain why this is the book we all deserved even though it’s completely contrived, careful and predictable.

An excerpt: “Is it strategic? Yes. Is it way too careful? You bet. But there are a couple of reasons for this, and the first is that as a two-party country, and as a media, we take anything that’s nuanced or messy and make it blunt and one-dimensional, turn it into a club with which to incapacitate any confusion that might briefly hurt our brain. Was there ever a vanishing chance that we could have absorbed in-depth reflections on gender, power, race, partisan tactics, and political marginalization from Hillary Clinton? No. There was no chance of that. We would have just called her a ‘feminazi’ in right-wing quarters and on the left asked with earnest concern about whether or not she was ‘playing the gender card.’ That’s on us.”

Salon thinks CNN is an “intellectual coward”… The story is on Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting spree and why the largely apolitical CNN won’t report it how the liberal Salon wants it to. Read here.

Bad optics: Mayor gets caught dumping poop in neighbor’s yard… The dirty truth is, not all press is good press, especially when it comes to dog shit. See this guy’s pretty fishy side of the story here.