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Chuck Todd Misses Antiquated Phone Rules

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Every once in a blue moon, the right and left wings of the media lighten up. editor John Nolte, who usually dumps on MSNBC, seemingly dug into NBC Political Director Chuck Todd for not returning his phone call. And in the age of Twitter, you can be called out for far less than the heinous crime of not being prompt.


But this was not actually a fight. Nolte was replying facetiously to a tweet in which Todd expressed his feelings about modern phone etiquette.

I miss the days when returning a call/message within a 3-day window was considered normal,” wrote Todd, who also works for the left-leaning MSNBC but is often viewed largely as a straight hard news political reporter. “Expectation of immediate response now is redic.”  

Asked what he meant by it, Nolte replied to The Mirror, “Tweet was a total non sequitur joke. I’ve never called Chuck. He tweeted something about missing the good old days when you could call someone back in 3 days without people getting pissed and I just fired that off. Wouldn’t know how to call Chuck even if I needed to.”

Todd had no hard feelings. “He was being funny,” he said.