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David Brat’s Democratic Opponent Is Aspiring Vampire Writer

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Tea party victor David Brat, who clobbered House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor last night, has a colorful challenger in Democratic candidate Jack Trammell. According to Amazon, the college prof has blood-sucking vampires on his mind.

“Jack Trammell has hundreds of stories, poems and articles to his credit, as well as two dozen book credits. He lives in central Virginia on a small farm with his family, and currently has a vampire novel in the works. He is an award winning author, teacher, researcher, and disability advocate.”

Most of Trammell’s tomes sound pretty boring and historical in nature. There’s Appalachian Dreams, Math in History and Down on the Chickahominy: The Life and Times of a Vanishing Virginia River.

But if his 2001 book Sarah’s Last Secret is in any way based in reality, we’re in for a seriously exciting, high drama race. The 216-page paperback centers around Jack and Sarah, a couple that friends and family think are all wrong for each other. “Jack and Sarah are essentially opposites,” a description reads. “Jack wears his heart on his sleeve, and Sarah is a person who never reveals her secrets; Jack is dependable and predictable, while Sarah’s waters run deep and murky.”

It goes on, “It isn’t long before Jack finds out that there is more to Sarah than anyone knows. One secret in particular turns their relationship upside down, and propels Jack on a journey that threatens the destruction of his marriage, the loss of a coming baby, and possibly even the end of his own life. Jack isn’t ready for Sarah’s Last Secret.”

Fine. But are we?

Actually, he and his wife in real life, Audrie, live in rural Virginia with horses and sheep. Trammell has three grown children, reports his Wikipedia profile; she has four. His campaign bio says they live on a small farm – certainly a place where vampires could show up when you least expect it.