NYC Strippers Arrested For DRUGGING Wealthy Men To Steal Hundreds Of Thousands

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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The New York Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration have arrested four strippers for drugging the drinks of wealthy patrons and running up their credit cards for upwards of $200,000.

The strippers have been charged with grand larceny, assault and forgery.

The strippers would meet the men at upscale bars, drug their drinks with the club drug “Molly,” then have them driven to Scores in Manhattan or the RoadHouse in Queens, The Associated Press reports. Once they were at the clubs, they would be charged for expensive extras like private rooms.

The men would wake up in hotel rooms and not remember what they had done the night before, but when they tried to dispute the credit card charges, the strippers would threaten to expose them as strip club patrons.

“The defendants were banking on the victims being too afraid to contact the police, but as the indictment and arrests show, they made a serious miscalculation,” Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said.

The clubs paid the strippers to bring the drugged men there, but the clubs aren’t facing charges. Samantha Barbash is believed to be the ringleader of the strippers involved in the scheme.

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