Which Is The Better, Hotter Randolph-Macon Professor In Virginia House Race?

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On Tuesday night, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District GOP primary by Randolph-Macon College economics professor Dave Brat, a conservative challenger who was little known until today.

Brat’s Democratic opponent in the November general election will be Jack Trammell, a sociology professor who also happens to be a professor at Randolph-Macon.

Which professor is better? The Daily Caller visited the website Rate My Professors to find out.

Both Brat and Trammell receive red chili pepper for hotness, which means students at the small liberal arts college just north of Richmond find them attractive.

Rate My Professors does not indicate which of the two is viewed as relatively more hunky and handsome.

Overall, Trammell receives higher ratings than Brat. Collectively, students say he is more helpful and clearer in his lectures. They also say Trammell’s sociology classes are much easier than Brat’s economics classes.

Students who graded Trammell favorably at Rate My Professor call him “extremely caring and thoughtful.” He’s “brilliant,” they say, and “really passionate about what he teaches.”

Not every student reviewer is happy with Trammell, though. An unsatisfied student criticized him because he is “unclear” and “rambles.”

Meanwhile, many student also adore Brat, who has received a substantially larger number of reviews than his Democratic congressional opponent has.

Students who like the newly-minted Republican nominee call him “an awesome professor” who is “humorous,” “charming,” “very animated” and “unparalleled in his knowledge.” He “knows how to catch students’ attention” and “drills the material into your head.” Brat is also “great guy,” his enthusiasts say, who “cares even more about what you are doing with your life.”

“This class was challenging but I learned a ton,” beams one happy reviewer.

Students with negative reviews for Brat gripe that “he gets off topic often and makes things confusing.” His classes are also “hard,” they say, and he “graded very critically.” Another unhappy student suggested that Brat “tries to push his views on students.”

On Tuesday night, Cantor conceded defeat to Brat. With almost all votes in, the upstart led Cantor by a tally of 56 percent to 44 percent. (RELATED: Eric Cantor Defeated By Conservative Challenger David Brat)

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