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Prime Music, Amazon’s new music streaming service, has launched.

The newest addition to the Prime membership package, Prime Music is offering over 1 million songs to users.

The new, easy-to-manage software will combine the Amazon MP3 and Cloud Player. The application will be built into Amazon’s software, reports The Verge. All you need to do is update the software.

What about cell phones? Well, Amazon will replace both the Amazon MP3 and Cloud Player apps today, introducing the new app to iOS and Android users. The music from your Cloud player will automatically combine with Amazon Music, so no music is lost, making the transition convenient for members.

Amazon says that it will add more songs over time. Until then, feel free to entertain yourself with 1 million songs and some fun features, including lyrics that appear when you play a song. Not only that, but they keep in time with the beat of the songs.

The Perks? Prime Music offers members is no skip limit. Skip, skip away, and you will not reach an advertisement, as there are none. You can also save certain songs and listen to them offline. There is a recommendation section as well, which helps you find new music.

Amazon music also has playlists ready for you, with titles such as “Boss, not Bossy” and “Beards & Baristas: Indie Beats”. Choose a title that matches your mood, and enjoy.

It is also extremely exclusive: only Prime members can listen.

The kinks? The 1 million songs available do not include newer releases. Steve Boom, Amazon’s VP of digital music, told The Verge that he doesn’t think today’s pop music is strong enough to stay, and he feels customers will agree with the music they are given. That’s not to say it’s all Johnny Cash and Miles Davis; the application does offer songs from CD’s released just last year.

Probably the biggest problem with the new Amazon Music is that it does not feature music from the Universal Music Group (at least not yet). Universal and Amazon have yet to come to an agreement. This means Amazon is lacking music from some of the most influential musicians, such as Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Overall, Prime Music has a lot to offer, and it is very, very new (like, released Thursday new). Although there are some things to fix, it’s safe to say that it will only get better. We’ll just have to wait and see what Amazon does next.

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Aldana Fourcade