Barbara Walters Gets All Dolled Up, Hits On Clint Eastwood, Fails Miserably

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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After turning down Clint Eastwood for dinner in 1982, Barbara Walters decided to put on the “right outfit,” don fake eyelashes, and hit on Clint Eastwood the other day.

“I thought maybe it’s not too late,” Walters told Jimmy Fallon on the set of The Tonight Show.

Walters finagled her way into sitting next to Eastwood at the premiere of his latest movie “Jersey Boys” on Monday.

Her planned seduction didn’t go so well.

“He was…polite,” she explained.

Eastwood was not interested in Walter’s attempts to relight the sparks from their 1982 interview, when she turned him down because she does not mix “business and pleasure.”

Walters said she is still crying about it and lamented that she could have been “Mrs. Eastwood.”

“What’s that expression? He was ‘just not that into me.'”