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A damning display of plagiarism… The New Republic runs quite the stunning display of plagiarism by lefty reporter Chris Hedges, a former New York Times reporter. The acts of alleged plagiarism were committed two years ago for Harper‘s Magazine. The story in question was killed and never published. A couple of interesting things about the story: 1. The author, Christopher Ketcham, fully discloses that Hedges allegedly committed plagiarism against his wife. 2. Ketcham is also a contributing editor at Harper‘s. 3. He tried to get the story in the liberal leaning publications The American Prospect and Salon. Both ultimately declined to publish it. Any way you cut it, fascinating details all around. Hedges denies the plagiarism even though it’s blatant. The story provides example after example (after example). At one point, Hedges even appears to have stolen from Earnest Hemingway. See here.

When NPR’s Terry Gross asks Hillary Clinton about gay marriage, things get tense… Gross wonders if Clinton changed her stance due to political reasons. Clinton goes after the journalist. Listen here.

President Obama talks about his daughters and unconditional love… See here. The interview is with NBC’s Jenna Bush Hager.

News orgs want the Senate to quickly pass a shield law… The reason: Journos want to protect their sources. See the letter that some 70 news outlets sent here.

Nikki Finke’s wild comeback letter… The Hollywood gossip and entertainment maven comes back to life today after seven months of honoring a non-compete clause. She does so with this semi-insane, blunt letter, and begins with, “Let me just admit it: I’m old. I’m beat up. I’ve been used for target practice by every moron with a byline.” Naysayers can go to hell as far as she’s concerned: “And if you don’t want to read about what’s really going on in Hollywood, then for crissakes don’t click here.” Don’t expect her to hold your hand. “I don’t give a shit who comes here or if the site gets traffic or if TPTB ever advertise,” she wrote. “I’ve earned my street cred covering this biz for 28 years and starting Deadline Hollywood Daily by myself from ground zero 8 1/2 years ago.” Have a look.