Hooters, Famous For Its Cup Sizes, Tries On World Cup

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Hooters is the latest company to release a commercial encouraging Americans to care about the World Cup, allowing the “family restaraunt”  to play on the idea that no one knows what soccer is.

It starts with retired NFL coach and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden telling eating competition star Joey Chestnut that Hooters needed him for a football commercial. They’re later joined by golfing legend John Daly, who is notorious for his love of Hooters, and hilarity ensues.

The well-endowed waitress tries to explain to them how to pronounce futbol, but they keep confusing it for other words. The commercial ends with, “It’s not complicated. No matter what football you like, watch it at Hooters.”

It’s certainly not the most clever World Cup ad, but at least they tried, which is the attitude you should take towards most Hooters waitresses.


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Sarah Hofmann