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State of New Jersey Threatens to Take Teen from His Family for… Um… TWIRLING A PENCIL IN CLASS [VIDEO]

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It’s no longer enough to suspend kids from school for behaving like kids have always behaved in school. Now it has escalated.


If you don’t agree to submit your child to a psych eval for twirling a damn pencil, that’s child abuse. Say goodbye to him.

This is Big Government in a nutshell: People you’ve never met making huge decisions about your life for reasons you can’t comprehend. And nobody is accountable.

None of this crap is about keeping children safe. Ethan Chaplin wasn’t hurting anybody, and there’s no indication he ever would. No, this is about power. If you don’t submit to it, you will pay. One way or another.

We can’t have the serfs forgetting who’s in charge, can we?