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How To Shoot A Weapon Using Google Glass [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Shooting round corners will no longer be science fiction — thanks to a new application from firearms technology company Tracking Point. In a new video announcing “Shotview,” Tracking Point Labs demonstrate how “the advent of wearable technology facilitates a new era in augmented marksman ability.”

The system uses a proprietary app to stream an image as seen down the barrel of the gun by the Networked Tracking Scope, onto a pair of Google Glasses that are worn by the shooter.

This enables the shooter to remain behind cover while aiming using the image displayed on the glasses.

In addition to “direct to device streaming,” there is a system that enables not only the shooter to see what the scope sees but also for other enabled devices to see what the scope sees. Using Bluetooth and internet spotters, commanders are now able to see what the shooter sees on their tablet, cellphone or wearable device.

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