Kissing Teens Fall To Their Death At A Party

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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A romantic evening turned horrifically tragic when two unidentified teenagers, who were embracing, fell to their deaths from a sixth-story balcony in the Deptford area of London.

The terrible accident occurred at a party that took place shortly after midnight on Wednesday. Apparently, the two teens met at the party, which neighbors assert was not too rowdy, and quickly became affectionate with each other.

Blessed Adedoyin, 29, observed the young couple from her nearby flat. “They were kissing and getting quite intimate,” she told The London Evening Standard.

“He lifted her up and put her on to the edge of the balcony and she had her arms around his neck … and then suddenly they just went over together and fell,” Adedoyin continued.

Witnesses described hearing the couple’s chilling screams as they plummeted to the ground. Neighbors, including Adedoyin, immediately called for ambulances, but unfortunately nothing could be done for the pair.

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Hayley Hoefer