3D Printers Are The New Tinker Toys For Kids

Kate Patrick Contributor
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Printeer is brightly colored, comes with an app for your iPad, and is one of the simplest new 3D printers coming to the market.

The best part? Printeer is specifically engineered for your kids.

According to the Kickstarter website, “Kids are the most creative people on the planet, which is why we’re bringing the most empowering creative technology to them.” After doodling with their fingers on an iPad, children hit the “Print” button and then watch their 2D creations come to life. The panels of the machine are clear, allowing creators to watch the 3D printing process unfold. All the moving parts inside the printer are visible and come in different colors, fooling one into thinking the printer is some sort of high-maintenance toy. But the printer is surprisingly easy to use, as Kickstarter claims it requires “no PC, no complex software, no fancy configuration settings. Just touch the ‘print’ button and watch it go.”

Mission Street Manufacturing, the Santa Barbara-based startup producing Printeer, “is leaning heavily on the educational angle, partnering with local schools in California to introduce Printeer into after-school programs and show it off at in-classroom demos,” TechCrunch reported. Right now, Printeer is building a reservoir of pledges, hoping to reach its goal of $50,000 in just 23 days. If they are successful in meeting their deadline, Mission Street Manufacturing will begin shipments to their pledges in September.

If you pledge as little as $549, you will receive a Printeer printer (choose between four colors), the iPad software and your first spool of filament for printing. In this digital age, kids as young as five years old are already using iPhones and iPads as efficiently as adults. With the rise of 3D printing, kids can get their hands on the latest technology and feed their creativity while learning valuable tech skills. “Toys such as Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Legos, and K’nex have been at the center of children’s playrooms for generations,” Kickstarter says. “3D printing is tailor-made for today’s curious, tech-savvy kids.”


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