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Leonardo DiCaprio! 

“Scoop: @LeoDiCaprio will appear at the State Dept’s ocean summit Tues at the invite of @JohnKerry. DiCaprio’s fdn supports marine safeguards.” — WaPo‘s Juliet Eilperin.

Attention John Harris: Someone wants to play hooky  

“Can I just fast-forward through this day somehow and get to the USA-Ghana game? While still being productive?” — Politico cyber security reporter Tal Kopan.

TMZ Live: “What do YOU think of Hillary Clinton saying the bible is the biggest influence on her thinking? Why?”

Not now, Dad 

“Sorry dad, it’s not even 11AM: I’m not ready to have the conversation about how you’re worried about me because I’m afraid to fall in love.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, ex-sexting partner to Anthony Weiner.

Just in case you think you’re having a bad day

“3-hour effort rescues horse from Oregon mud hole” — WTOP.

A surprise from Grandpa 

“Things I wasn’t expecting my grandpa to say tonight: ‘That’s what she said'” — Politico‘s Emily Schultheis.

Aide laments French haters 

“So many French haters on my timeline. Sorry you don’t like the most beautiful language in human history. Or cheese.” — Ellen Carmichael, congressional staffer, travel blogger.

Journo questions White House priorities 

“Obama’s on the golf course & Biden’s headed to the WorldCup. So glad that an aflame Middle East doesn’t interrupt their fun time.” — Monica Crowley, radio host and FNC analyst.

NPR correspondent brags about coffee in London  

“Even in London my @stumptowncoffee travel mug is a shibboleth. @NudeEspresso clocks it & I’m like ‘Yeah that’s my hometown.’ #PutABirdOnIt” — NPR’s Ari Shapiro.

Happy Neil Munro Day! 

While fathers everywhere were celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, here at The Daily Caller there was a massive celebration underway. Two years ago Sunday, White House correspondent Neil Munro had a few questions on immigration for President Obama in the Rose Garden. Some of you, like Jonathan Alter, may remember the day fondly. HuffPost‘s Elise Foley is also undoubtedly ecstatic about the Neil Munro holiday.