Hackers Demand Ransom From Domino’s For Return Of Stolen Passwords

Julia Dent Contributor
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Hackers have stolen more than 650,000 passwords from Domino’s Pizza customers in France and Belgium and are now demanding €30,000 ($40,700) by tonight, otherwise they will publish the information, according to the Daily Mail.

The group is known as Rex Mundi, and they claimed they have gained access to the passwords, as well as phone numbers, email addresses, names, delivery instructions and home addresses.

The security breach has been reported to the French Police, and Domino’s has advised customers to change their passwords. Since many people use the same passwords for many accounts, even more information could be obtained by the hackers.

“The data hacking is isolated to the Domino’s franchise in France and Belgium, and no customer credit card or financial information was compromised,” said a spokesman for Domino’s Pizza Group. “The security of customer information is very important to us. We regularly test our UK website for penetration as part of the ongoing rigorous checks and continual routine maintenance of our online operations.”

Domino’s apologized to their customers through Twitter, but there has been no word to whether or not they will pay the hackers. They have until 8 p.m. Central European time to decide.