Miami’s LeBron and Bosh Recognize Spurs As The ‘Better Team’

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Miami Heat center Chris Bosh labeled San Antonio as the “best team I ever saw” following the Heat’s loss Sunday night, according to the Bleacher Report.

The San Antonio Spurs won the title of 2014 NBA champions in the AT&T Center Sunday, defeating the Miami Heat 104-87.

This victory marks the Spurs fifth NBA championship title.

Bosh applauded the opposing team, referring to the Spurs as the “best team I ever played against.”

LeBron James also accepted the loss in a sportsmanlike manner, admitting that the Heat “ran up against a better team this year.”

The two teams met for a second year in a row at the NBA Finals, only it was Miami who took home the trophy in 2013.

By defeating the Heat last night, the Spurs prevented the Heat’s chance of winning their third consecutive NBA championship.

In a post-game interview, Spurs center Tim Duncan said that the reasons for the team’s success were, “Great coaching, persistence, drive, love for the game.”

He added that the win in 2014 “makes last year OK.”