The FBI Tried To Lure Joe Montana Into A Sting

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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In an effort to sniff out corruption across California a year ago, an FBI agent met with football legend Joe Montana under the guise of a potential investor for Montana’s new hotel venture next to the new San Francisco 49ers’ stadium.

Montana was reportedly unaware of the agent’s real identity. Montana was never asked to do anything illegal, but also apparently did not enter into business with the agent, due to not being interested in new investors in general.

After discovering California state Sen. Leland Yee was involved in campaign corruption and gun trafficking, the FBI decided to cast a wide net to all sorts of California investments to see if anyone else was involved in financial illegalities.

Yee’s attorney James Brosnahan revealed the meeting between Montana and the agent in an effort to show that the FBI was blindly groping to find more evidence against Yee, SFGate reports.

“In a sting, they have real reason to believe someone is committing a crime, but here they fanned out all over California to see who would talk to them about anything,” Brosnahan said.

“Who decided to take Joe to lunch and cast a cloud on Northern California’s greatest sports hero?” he continued. “Nobody was exercising any judgment about the scope of this thing.”

Montana has not made any comments about the situation.

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